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Packaging and Palletizing Technology Expand Packaging and Palletizing Technology
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Logistics Hub

Logistics Hub

Automating any intralogistics processes

Automating Processes

Kinematik can automate any intralogistics process.
Whethear it's a distribution center, crossdock hub, order fullfilment, postal and postage process our experienced team will provide a fully suited solution.

Full Scale Solutions

- Warehouse Automation
- Automated Storage and Retrieval
- Sorting
- Conveying almost anything
- Process control and optimization

Single Task Solutions

Kinematik offers also single automation solutions based on customer needs:
- Auto-Id, Barcodes 1D or 2D and RFID technologies
- Camera recordings to verify identification
- Automated dynamic weighing
- Automated dimensioning

Auto Barcode Scanning of Packages Loading-Unloading Roller Conveyor Package Sortation Loop
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