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Bulk Conveyor

Bulk Conveyor

A reliable conveying solution for bulk materials.


Beams-plates sandblasted primare painted and powder coated.
Covers galvanized and powder coated.


Quality belts EP of any type.
Drive pulley with clamping units, rubber lagging, supported on bearing housings.
Return pulley with rubber lagging supported on tensioning bearings.
Upper rollers on troughing sets or garland.
Return rollers with cleaning rubber rings, on troughing sets or garland.
Belt self centralizing device.
Scrapper at drive pulley.
V-Scrapper before return pulley.


Top quality gearmotors on pulley shaft, placed on the conveyor side (left or right).

Technical Data

Module lengths: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm (other lengths upon request)
Conveying width: 400-1400mm
Conveying speeds: 0.2-2.5 m/sec
Drive pulleys: Φ160-400mm

Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: -30°C - +45°C


- Bidirectional
- Upper and return side covers
- Transfer chutes
- Impact rollers with rubber rings
- Inverter drive, offering smooth motion, protecting equipment
- PLC control, for automating processes

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