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Packaging and Palletizing Technology


Kinematik offers a wide range of machines for palletizing, including layer palletizers, both low- and high-level, as well as robotic palletizers.
Gentle handling, low noise, pallet stability and maintaining final product value are only some of our key advantages in all our palletizing solutions.


The same applies for our packaging machines based either on standard equipment or robots.
As always all solutions are fully customized and tailored to the customer needs.
Kinematik packaging and palletizing machines can handle all kinds of goods, such as boxes, bags, sacks, packages, totes, pallets etc.

Products of Packaging and Palletizing Technology

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Compact Layer Palletizer Compact Layer Palletizer Low Level Layer Palletizer for Packages Layer Palletizer for Packages Low Level Bag Palletizer Bag Palletizer Low Level Box Palletizer Layer Palletizer Pallet Stacker/Dispenser Operator Touch Screen Pallet De-Nester Cartesian Palletizing Robot Gantry Robot Palletizer Roll Palletizer
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