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Conveyor Technology


Our portfolio includes all types of conveyors, such as roller, belt, chain, plastic chain, screw, vibration conveyors, as well as shuttles and lifts. Our conveyors are always customized for customer specific applications.

Pallet Conveyor System

Kinematik offers a complete product range for pallet transfering or other heavy materials, such as oversized boxes, stacks of cardboards etc.
Pallets are smoothly and safely transfered with roller conveyors or chain conveyors .
The conveyors can be combined with turntables, 90 degrees transfers, shuttles, lifts, to rotate, change the direction or the transport level, or even merge from multiple conveyor lines to one or seperate from one conveyor to multiple others.

Products of Conveyor Technology

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Turntable with Roller Conveyor Shuttle with Roller Conveyor Chain Conveyor Bulk Conveyor Bulk Conveyor Bulk Unloading Station Rotating and extendable belt conveyor Belt Conveyor Turn Case Turning Mechanism 90 degrees roller conveyor turn Roller Conveyor Intersection Roller Conveyor Intersection Application Traffic management conveyor system Aluminium Roller Conveyor Extendable Roller Conveyor Gravity Roller Conveyor Lift with Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor Pallet Roller Conveyor Pallet Roller Conveyor Pallet Roller Conveyor Screw Conveyor Vibration Conveyor
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